Discover and Taste 9 Muses Valley "terroir"

“M” Samartzis Barrique Magnum

Red dry, blend of two varieties


Aged 12 months in oak barrels



Merlot vineyard at the South / South-East slopes of Helicon mountain in Boeotia Greece (62 km South East of the Delphi oracle).
Altitude of 280m. 
Guyot training system, 4200 vines per ha
The soil is clay with 3%-5% gradient.
Yield per ha (approx.10000 sq.m): 9000 Kg
Harvested by hand.

Mouhtaro vineyard located in the Muses Valley, situated on the South/South-East slopes of Helicon mountain with a peak of 1280 meters high. Situated at an altitude of 380-420m and is grown using the Royat formation.
The vines per HA are 4200.
The soil is clay and gravel with 6-8% gradient.
The vineyard is not irrigated with average yield 8000 Kgr/Ha.
Harvested by hand.

Color is ruby red.
Aromas of sour black fruit (sour cherry, red berries of the forest), vanilla, chocolate, cacao & sweet spice (cinnamon).
Acidity is refreshing, average to high with mellow and round tannins.
Taste of crispy sour black fruit, butter, caramel & cinnamon.
Body is medium with long aftertaste.

Aging potential is 6-8 years.

 “M” Samartzis Ερυθρός Barrique Magnum, Merlot-Μούχταρο σε αρμονία, 12 μήνες βαρέλι
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