Taste 9 muses valley "terroir"

δυο ποτάμια - two rivers

White dry, single vineyard

Kontoura white



The land:
Kontoura white vineyard planted in 1962
at the South/South-East slopes of Helicon mountain in
Boeotia Greece (62 km South East of the Delphi oracle).
Altitude of 380-420m.
Bush vines, 4440 vines per ha.
Cultivated by hand.
The soil: clay & gravel Gradient 3%-5%.
Non irrigated vineyard.
Yield per ha (approx.10000 sq.m.): 9000 kg
Harvested by hand.
Name of the plot: Episkopi

The wine:
Color: light yellow & hinds of green.
Aromas: fresh fruit (lime, pineapple, melon)
& floral (white flowers, lemon blossom).
Acidity medium, refreshing.
Flavor: crisp citrus character & tropical fruit
Body: medium, long aftertaste.

two rivers white dry, Kontoura white, single vineyard

Kontoura white grape variety

Kontoura white is a member of the Greek white grapes family and belongs to the family of Savvatiano  grape variety, a well-known grape variety perfectly acclimatized in Central Greece. The research that our agronomists did on our vineyards during the last 6 years concluded on that the vine clones we have, are unique compared to other Savvatiano clones in the area as well as in other regions in Greece. This fact combined with the unique "terroir" of Musses Valley gives us the chance to present you a unique wine, the "two rivers" white!

Awards & distinctions

BIWC2018, Silver medal, Kontoura white "two rivers" 2017 white dry, Kontoura white
7th Balkans International Wine Competition 2018,
Silver medal

ΤIWC2018, Bronze medal, Kontoura white "two rivers" 2017 white dry, Kontoura white
18th International Thessaloniki Wine Competition 2018,
Bronze medal

BIWC2017, Silver medal, Kontoura white "two rivers" 2016 white dry, Kontoura white
6th Balkans International Wine Competition 2017,
Silver medal

BIWC2016, Silver medal, Kontoura white "two rivers" 2015 white dry, Kontoura white
5th Balkans International Wine Competition 2016,
Silver medal

BIWC2015, Silver medal, Kontoura white "two rivers" 2014 white dry, Kontoura white
4th Balkans International Wine Competition 2015,
Silver medal

TIWC2015, Commended, 84/100 "two rivers" white dry, Kontoura single vineyard 
15th International Thessaloniki Wine Competition 2015,
Commended (84/100)

DWWA2014 "two rivers" white dry, Kontoura white single vineyard 
World Wine Awards Decanter 2014, Bronze Medal.

TIWC2014, Gold medal "two rivers" white dry, Kontoura single vineyard 
14th International Thessaloniki Wine Competition 2014,
Gold medal

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