Taste 9 muses valley "terroir"

δυο ποτάμια - two rivers

Rose dry, single vineyard

Grenache Rouge


P.G.I. Theva  

The land:
Grenache Rouge vineyard planted in 1993  
at the South / South-East slopes of Helicon mountain in
Boeotia Greece (62 km South East of the Delphi oracle).
Altitude of 280m.
Guyot training system, 4200 vines per ha
Cultivated by hand.
The soil: red sand, Gradient 3%-5%
Yield per ha(approx.10000 sq.m.): 9000 kg
Harvested by hand.
Name of the plot: Davlosi

The wine:
Color: Light Pink.
Aromas: fresh red fruit (strawberry, cherry) &
floral (cherry blossom).
Acidity medium, refreshing.
Flavor: red fruit & sweet spices (cinnamon)
Body: medium, good aftertaste.

two rivers Rose, Grenache Rouge , single vineyard
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