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δυο ποτάμια - two rivers barrique

White dry, single vineyard

Kontoura white



Aged in new French oak barrels for 4-6 months, 6-8 months in bottle.
Limited production: ~2.000 bottles/year.

The land:
Kontoura white vineyard planted in 1962 (61 years old vines)
at the South/South-East slopes of Helicon mountain in
Boeotia Greece (62 km South East of the Delphi oracle).
Altitude of 380-420m.
Bush vines, 4440 vines per ha.
Cultivated by hand.
The soil: clay & gravel Gradient 3%-5%.
Non irrigated vineyard.
Yield per ha (approx.10000 sq.m.): 9000 kg
Harvested by hand.
Name of the plot: Episkopi

The wine:
Color: medium yellow & hinds of green.
Aromas: citrus, pineapple and melon with hinds of vanilla
Acidity medium, refreshing.
Fruity character, the flavor is intense with notes of
butter and vanilla alongside with the varietal aromas of
Kontoura white (melon and pineapple).
Medium body with very long aftertaste.
3-4 years of evolvement ahead in the bottle.

two rivers barrique, Kontoura white single vineyard

Awards & distinctions

TIWC2021, Gold Medal "dio potamia" Barrique 2019 White dry,Kontoura white 
21st International Wine Competition 2021
Gold Medal (95/100)
Best wine of the show from Savatiano

BIWC2019, Silver Medal, Barrique 2016 Kontoura white "dio potamia" Barrique 2016 White dry, Kontoura white
8th International Wine Competition BIWC 2019,
Silver Medal

BWT2017, Gold medal, Barrique 2015 Kontoura White Two Rivers Barrique 2015 white dry, Kontoura White
21st BERLINER WEIN TROPHY Competition 2017,
Gold medal

BWT2016, Silver medal, Barrique 2014 Kontoura White Two Rivers Barrique 2014 white dry, Kontoura White
20th BERLINER WEIN TROPHY Competition 2016,
Silver medal

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